Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down Time.... And Epilepsy.

This morning I realized that Im feeling burnt out! Not burnt out, in the "throw in the towel" way or the "dont have in in you anymore" way, but the.... "All i do is (fill in blank)" way where the brewery is all that I think about during all my free time, weekends, and waking moments.

To that effect, Im going to step back for the evening. I had planned on sitting and hammering out some changes to the business plan and crunching some numbers, but it can wait a few hours this evening. Im sure that I'll be back on the wagon and trucking along tomorrow.

The one thing that I did do, which I realized during the last few days that I never did was to include a small section in the kickstarter page about how we plan on donating 1% of profits to "our" cause.

The cause being epilepsy research. If you know me and the family personally, you'll know how much of a struggle it can be for an individual, as well as a family, to have a four year old diagnosed with generalized epilepsy. All I can say is that we've been seizure free for a few months, and I wouldnt wish epilepsy on anyones child.

Epilepsy scared the shit out of me, and still does! What scares you?

Cheers, and enjoy your evenings!


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