Friday, July 16, 2010

Never enough time....

With blogging, the idea is to keep the world aware of what you do as a person, or my/our case, a business. With this blog, I've been a bit behind. The idea to post updates and news on this blog, has had a hard take-off, primarily due to the fact that I so gregariously post on facebook.

Making beer - I post on facebook.
Thinking of making beer - I post on facebook.
Anything else - I post on facebook.

As a matter of fact, this post will automatically end up on facebook.

But along those lines, there are reasons to keep the promise to blog alive. Here I can and will (promise this time) post updates and news.

So along those lines, where do we stand with Shizmo Brewing Co.?

For one, I think that we've found the perfect location. Close to home and the "day job," as well as having all the things that I've been looking for.

3000 square feet of warehouse space, with an already (pretty much) completed area that would be used as the tasting room, as well as offices, storage space, and room to grow.

Now the big thing; money, money, money. There are people out there looking to invest, which is great, but when it comes to people parting with their money for a startup anything, even though the craft brewing industry has shown itself to be almost recession proof, its still on their terms.

So, when the people who have it, want to talk to us about sharing it, we'll post that. Unless they want to remain anonymous. In the meantime, I've got Simple Present working hard to get our Kickstarter video put together so that we can try our hand at social investing. Check out the site, its a great concept!

As we move forward and continue to create momentum, its looking better and better, since I keep on reconnecting with all the people in all the right places, like restaurants, and hotels, and the like, who would, and are the perfect target for our creations.

Another thing to mention, and it shows that people believe in what we're doing, is that there has been a good amount of interest in jobs, or at least people looking for them with us. Sales, brewing, etc. The better the funding we can arrange, the quicker it will be till we can start hiring, so if you showed interest, please keep on me, I need the help definitely, I just need to see how long before I can make it work for us both!

Cheers, and have a great weekend!


(Shizmo Brewing Co.)

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