Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Site Building

Never realized just how much time is spent on putting content into a website. How do you say everything that is necessary without sounding like a who knows what. Regardless, the site is coming together, its feeling like its related to a business that we're starting. But I definitely have ideas for what this blog should contain.

Correct me if no one cares, but I thought I'd throw at least some of these things out there.

Fundraising - Going to have a whole set of posts about this one. When you're asking for people's money, they should demand a lot of input and material on what you think of doing with their money.

Beer philosophy, this is a big one, its what drives me to make the beers that I do and hopefylly what makes the beer interesting.

Business... How do you do it? I have ideas, some homegrown, and others generally accepted, that together combine to make a unique approach. I feel confident that I've seen it done well, as well as horribly wrong. I'd like to follow the former example.

Well, its 5am, I couldnt sleep, so there are some more random thoughts. Now its time to get ready for the "day" job.



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